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The HOA “movement” began in the late 1960’s as a way to get around civil-rights laws. Now, HOA member discrimination is “hidden in plain sight.” HOA’s promise environmental-controls, security & amenities. But, HOA laws are a set-up for abuse-of power & rule-by-a-few.    
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Who Advocates for Homeowners’ in HOA’s?          How Well Do HOA’s Serve Homeowners’ Needs/Rights?    
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1. Controlled by Small-Group   
The “Good” .........
Some nice people.  Good schools.
Beautiful Lake. 18-Hole Golf.
Equestrian Center & Parks.              A Few
Fun Family Events.            
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   ATTENTION !   HOA & HVLA Members   Freedom Of Speech Rights DO APPLY to criticisms you make of your Association, Board or Management, so long as you do so appropriately…..click and see…..  Davis-Stirling. com    HOA-LAW  Private-Government.com       What else is wrong with HOA’s? Are you Kidding?  Look up and to the right.  “HOA Owner’s Rights.”  Click on “HOA Primer.”  Since the 1960’s HOA’s multiplied dramatically, over 350,000 Nationwide with about 72 Million residents.  They have become Cash-Cows for the HOA Industry (management firms, training and guideline-setting companies), attorneys, insurance cos., developers and contractors, politicians, local governments and various “consultants.” They’re virtually UNREGULATED!  Boards have most of the POWER!