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Beginning 1968-80
1968 - Started by Boise Cascade
1970 - Control assumed by HVLA
1970’s - Few houses.  Many people
came to golf, use the Lake and
camp.  Many bought lots for later
development - after retirement. 
Middle 1980-1999
1980’s - Still a small community. 
Loosely governed by Board of
Directors.   Late 80’s - Receivership
 1990’s - Investors/Speculators
purchased properties.  Many became
 delinquent in dues and taxes.
Late 1990’s - Concerns for fiscal
survival loomed.  Efforts made to reduce delinquencies, largely unsuccessful, but falsely portrayed as successful!    
Recent   2000 - 2019 
Bernie Madoff fooled thousands of
people for years.  In HVLA
thousands of people have been
fooled for 25+ years.  Self-absorbed,
narrowly-focused leadership caused serious damage to HVLA. From about 2000 through early 2015 HVLA suffered from serious mismanagement and corruption. Lack of standards and consistency in fiscal management, personnel, contracting, facilities management and long-term planning prevailed. Corruption in contracting, fiscal management and personnel became typical. Since 2015 improvements have been made (thorough audit; independent reserve study), but damage caused by losses from the 2000-15 period has remained mostly ignored  -  $10-15 Million!  
     “To know your future, you must know your past...”
HVLA GM’s 1992-2019 HVLA GM’s 1992-2019 Greenview Restaurant 1980-2017 Greenview Restaurant 1980-2017
1992 - Hired first professional management.
HVLA Dysfunctional Patterns HVLA Dysfunctional Patterns Culvert Maintenance History Culvert Maintenance History
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