Whatever happened to .... ?
A pattern has existed in HVLA.  Good ideas are brought forth, well-
done plans developed and presented, then.......Poof!  Nothing happens. 
As if the whole thing never occurred.  WHY?
Here’s a list of just a few...  
The Tail That Wags HVLA ....
Aug. 2017:  Do the “Reclaim Our Community” and the “Golf First” folks STILL want  
everything in HVLA back the way it was prior to 2015?  They’ve gone silent.  Well,
except for one “member” comment at a recent Board meeting about wanting the 
“Good Old Days” back!               
“Golf First” is certainly still “KING”, with avg. Golf losses at $51,660/mo. so far in 2017!
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Reporting HOA Fraud?
Why, Where & How ?
If you believe your dues have
been misused, complain!
Renovate or Replace?
A Long & Winding Road
Why?  The Hartmann Bldg. 
The Community Center.  This
debate goes back to 2001!
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Here’s all you need.......
Reporting HOA Abuse/Fraud Reporting HOA Abuse/Fraud
After a run of 30+ years controlling every aspect of HVLA it would seem foolish for anyone to think these folks would ever wise-up and just stop because it was the right thing to do.  They’re brand of self-centeredness knows no bounds.