Why Doesn’t HVLA Have….
A pattern has existed in HVLA.  Good ideas are brought forth, well-done
plans developed, presented and discussed.  Then …..Nothing happens!
Months, even years go by and still, nothing.  A Skate-Board Park,
an RV Storage Area and most startlingly, a huge PLAN for numerous
RECREATIONAL options.  But, again, NOTHING !
Here’s a list of just a few...
The Tail That Keeps Wagging HVLA ....
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Most Common Questions - Answers.
Reporting HOA Fraud?
Why, Where & How ?
If you believe your dues have
been misused, complain!
Renovate or Replace?
A Long & Winding Road
Why?  The Hartmann Bldg. 
The Community Center.  This
debate goes back to 2001!
Golf First, ROC & Bullies
Here’s all you need.......
2019:  The “GOLF FIRST” group, ROC & their Bully supporters not only WANT everything back as it was prior to 2015, they WANT an upscale “Country Club” with all the “fix’ins” at the same-old-prices & WANT all the rest of us pay-the-excess!  2018’s Golf LOSSES = $685,000, taken out of YOUR Association dues.  They also WANT their “Hartmann Event Center” NOW!  Before the rest of get a “Community Center” back, with a “Teen Center!”  Unfortunately, they have regained control of the Board, just hired a new GM & appear to have Bill McMahon Sr. in-their-pocket!