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The HVLA Board of Directors - Highlights & Lowlights
       since 2014!
 - six women and eight men.  A rumored
but well-known reason was due to harrassment and bullying by the small group who control HVLA.
KEY ISSUES in 2019 --
  $900/day to operate POOL.  $3,700/day for Golf Course.  Yet Pool opening is limited! 
Fire/Flood Prevention/Evac.
New GM  -  Randy Murphy, #14 since 1992! 
Election Fraud Claims 
- Investigation done but
Covered-up by Boards since 2015! 
Forensic Audit
 - On Delinquent Accts. (Advised by consultant). 
       NO Board action since 2015!
Under-Funded Reserves
 - ONLY 19% Funded!  Insufficient for Future Needs!.
Golf STILL Bleeding RED Ink
 LOSSES of $685,000 for 2018! 
HR Manager
 - “Staff Report” Nov. 2017.  Still NOT available on Assn. Website..
“NEW” Website  -  Lax-upkeep, AGAIN!  Cluttered. Partial/Missing Info.  LOW Transparency!
Golf Ops. “Business Plan” -
NONE  --  Going on 5 Years!
Directors Prohibited from Openly Dissenting
 - “One Voice” Policy
A Very Bad Policy -