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          The HVLA Board of Directors - Highlights & Lowlights
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   Board as of Jan. 2019
- Bruce Brashares
 -  Steve Verhaart
  -  Susan Story (appt. 9/18-11/19)      Jack Worster      Andy Wolf      Sheri Cobb           TEN (10) Directors have Resigned since late 2015! - five women and five men.  A common,  “rumored” reason was due to harrassment and bullying by the small group who control HVLA.
Why Have HVLA Boards Been So Dysfunctional    The ROOT of the dysfunctionality stems from a Small Group of members who have controlled HVLA since its inception.  The composition of this Group has changed over-time, but a few members have been in it all along.  They see themselves as the “true owners” of HVLA and, thus, “entitled” to run things however they please, regardless of other Members.  Other SECONDARY causes:  (1) Boards have focused on management- procedures vs. policy-making and review; (2) Boards have failed to recognize that specific knowledge, experience and skill-sets are required to be an effective Director, e.g., higher-level problem-solving and public relations skills; (3) Follow-Through and Follow-Up on plans/decisions has remained inconsistent; (4) Politicalization and personalization of the governance process has created excessive & unnecessary conflict; and, (5) There is NO Director Education/In-Service Program.          
Current Issues Status  -  Jan. 2019   Facilities -  $900/day to operate the POOL.  $3,700/day for the Golf Course.  So let’s NOT keep the   POOL open daily.  REALLY!!??                                                                                             Fire/Flood Prevention/Evac. - Some Good-Steps.  BUT Still NO COMPREHENSIVE PLAN!    GM, Edward Simpkins - TERMINATED JAN. 11        Election Fraud Claims - Investigation done but -- Covered-up by Boards since 2015!    Forensic Audit - On Delinquent Accts. (Advised by consultant).  NO Board action since 2015!   Under-Funded Reserves - Are Projected dues increases enough? Unlikely!   Golf STILL Bleeding RED Ink - $64,087/month in 2017 ($769,000 Grand Total in 2017)!      HR Manager - “Staff Report” - To Board Nov. 2017.  Still NOT available on Assn. Websire..   Communication  -  “New” Website!  Some information still absent.  Transparency still LOW.     Golf Ops. “Business Plan”   -  Still NO PLAN!  Going-on 3 Years!                           
HVLA Directors are Prohibited from Openly Dissenting - “One Voice” Policy A Very Bad Policy -   1. Risks Individual Liability   2. Valuable Voices of Dissenting Directors in HOA’s   3. Appearance of Abdication of Legal Duties - Davis-Stirling Act