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          The HVLA Board of Directors - Highlights & Lowlights
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   Board as of August 2017.
- OPEN  (Doug Berman - resigned 6/22/17)
 -  Mike Rankin
 -  Steve Verhaart
  -  Bruce Brashares Diane Wiley Bowers Jack Wooster Rose Spitzer
Why Have HVLA Boards Been So Dysfunctional    First, recognize that HVLA’s dysfunctions have only superficially been revealed to its members so far.  Then, accept as fact that the ROOT of the dysfunctionality has been within the various Board and how they have governed.  There are two “Primary Reasons”:  (1) Boards have focused on management-procedures vs. policy- making and review; and, (2) Failure to realize that specific knowledge, experience and skill-sets are required in order to be a Board Director who can quickly comprehend the dynamics and needs of a $5-6 Million corporation with roughly 6,000 “investors”, and who already is skilled in the required problem-solving and public relations strategies.  Then, there are several “Secondary Reasons”:  (1) Board control by an organized sub-group of golfers who want their “good-times” to roll forever; (2) Use of short-term planning with no real long-term planning; (3) Politicalization and personalization of the governance process creating lots of unnecessary conflict; and, (4) Failure to institute a Director education/in-service program.                          
Current Issues Status  -  August 2017   Facilities -  Board considering new construction:  #1) Demolish Community Center, then………..    Fire/Flood Prevention/Evac. - Some Good-Steps, but STILL no comprehensive “Plan!”    NEW GM, Edward Simpkins - Will GM #12 make-the-difference?       Election Committee Reports - Covered-up by Boards since 2015!   Forensic Audit - On Delinquent Accounts (Advised by consultant).  NO Board action since 2015!   Under-Funded Reserves - Are Projected dues increases enough? Unlikely!   Golf STILL Bleeding Red Ink - LOSSES $51,660 Per Month 1st Qtr. 2017 (higher than 2016)   New HR Manager - “Reviewing staff competence & committment” since Oct. 2016. No Word Since!   Communication  -  “AssociationVoice” hired Jan. ‘17 for “interactive” website.  Where is it?      Golf Ops. “Business Plan”   -  Still NO PLAN!  After 7+months!                           
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