HOA “Government”
    HOA Owner Rights
The HOA “movement” began in
the late 1960’s as a way to get
around civil-rights laws. Now,
HOA member discrimination is
“hidden in plain sight.” HOA’s
promise environmental-controls,
security & amenities. But, HOA
laws are a set-up for abuse-of
power & rule-by-a-few.  
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Who Advocates for Homeowners’ in HOA’s?
How Well Do HOA’s Serve Homeowners’ Needs/Rights?
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Some nice people. Good schools.
Beautiful Lake. 18-Hole Golf.
Equestrian Center & Parks.             
A Few 
Fun Family Events.            
Hot Topics:
Members Duped & De-Frauded 1990’s - “GOLF FIRST” Group did NOT increase income, decrease expenses, or re-configure the course.  They tapped Member Dues to bail-out the LOSING GOLF COURSE!    This became known as the “Golf Subsidy.”  They used dubious justifications to gain members acquiesce.  And, they have continued to use the same justifications - see “Views” magazine, May, June, July 2018. 2001-2019 -- Golf losses averaged $560,000 per year -- 19 year total of $10,000,000 - YES $10 MILLION! 2015 - Two Golf Consults were done. Both concluded the course had been MISMANAGED in all aspects.  To date, the consultants recommendations have been mostly ignored, e.g., a “Business Plan.” 2000-2018 -- Golf Ops. received copious annual funding.  Meanwhile Non-Golf Amenities received token funding.  The Community Center (home to the “Teen Center”) was uninhabitable and demolished in 2017, with No Plans To Rebuild.  Lake de-siltation was proposed many times over the past 20 years but Never Done.  The Equestrian Center deteriorated to a deplorable state before getting repairs.  Requests for upgrades and repairs to childrens’ play equipment has Gone Unheeded. 2019 - Multi-Million-Dollar plan to rebuild the Club House has been advanced for the 3rd time (2019).  “Golf Memberships” and general usage of the course have fallen.  Those in-charge of the Course have continuously avoided giving ongoing or long-term details of rounds-played or solid evidence of marketing results or of cost-reduction strategies.  Between 5-10% of ALL Assn. members play golf. You  Pay  $252/yr.  For  Others  To  Enjoy  Golf!