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The HOA “movement” began in the late 1960’s as a way to get around civil-rights laws. Now, HOA member discrimination is “hidden in plain sight.” HOA’s promise environmental-controls, security & amenities. But, HOA laws are a set-up for abuse-of power & rule-by-a-few.    
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4. Funding Skew: GOLF FIRST
1. Dysfunctional Governance.   
7. NO BOD Edu./Train. “Plan”
6. NO Strategic Planning !
5. Board’s Short-Term Focus
2. Majority Needs Ignored
The “Good” .........
Some nice people.  Good schools.
Beautiful Lake. 18-Hole Golf.
Equestrian Center,  Parks.  Fun
Family Events.  A few working for productive change.             
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3. Incomplete Fire/Flood Plan
HVLA Directors Prohibited from Dissent  --  See “Board” page
 About 33% of Owners voted in the Nov. Election; higher than the past average. Tim Bartice won 36% and Sherry Cobb 25% of the vote. Until the “New” Board gets established, we remain skeptical about HVLA’s overall ability to make real changes.  Over 30 years of Association history has shown a resistance-to-change that has defied MANY attempts.  Good changes made by the 2015 Board have already been eroded.  The regressive “wants” of the “Good Ol’ Boys & Girls” group still threaten progress. We are convinced that little will change in HVLA until there is broad recognition and acceptance of:  (1) HVLA being a FAMILY Community with typical FAMILY needs; (2) Selection of Director candidates requires more advanced qualifications and vetting; (3) Once in-office, Directors require ongoing education, in-service training and more administrative supports; (4) Urgent need to complete a comprehensive Fire/Flood Protection Plan; and, (5) Implementation of method(s) to give Members real representation in Association governance.  We also firmly believe this all rests on the activation of the huge “HVLA Silent Majority.”     For more detailed discussion, see “Solutions” page, bottom…